Monday, March 1, 2010
Thai Movie: Anuparb Por Khun Ramkhamheng [Weir & Jui] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Hmoov Txog Los Ua Txij Nkawm

Thai Movie: ?? [Willy & Mew] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Cog Lus Ua Ntej

Thai Movie: Loon Ruk Talu Miti [Tae & Kate] COMPLETE
Hmong Title:
Hlub Li Npau Suav

Thai Movie: Nang Nak COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Poj Dab Nkauj Zaj

Thai Movie: ?? [Joy & Tor] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Hlub Koj Kawg Txoj Sia

Thai Movie: ?? [Anne] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Hlub Niam Tau Ntxhais

Thai Movie: ?? [Kat English] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Hlub Nrog Nkauj Dab

Thai Movie: Puen Yai Jom Salud [Tik & Ananda] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Txuj Ci Hwj Huaj Ntses Loj

Thai Movie: The Whistle [Tik & Ja] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Txoj Saw

Thai Movie: ?? [Tua] COMPLETE
Hmong Title: Yaj Yuam Txoj Kev Hlub

I do not own these videos. I only post these links to make it easier for viewers to watch these Hmong Dubbed Lakorns. These videos are viewers pleasure, not for business or infringement. Please do not distribute these as your own without rightful credits.

Credits to original uploaders: 1moviefreak, juxcna, iluv805, pebhaishmoob, emaewhy, goong4u, magnalia18, ladiepa123, 0swtlilannie0, hellopakou, 1moviefreaks, pajnyiaj123, lakornz08, fs7, meteorgarden2008, purplenitte, diamondsXx13, mchmonglauj, iBabyGirl209, jasime7, 00starryXing00, and more (if I forgot to credit you, please tell me).


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